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80 Reid Street        
My Grandparents Donald & Mary McArthur moved into 80 Reid St as a new house in1936/38. 
My Granny died in December 1948 and my Granda died in January 1949. 
My Dad's brother Donald being the oldest took ownership of the house.
I was born in 80 Reid Street, Dec.1953, then my parents Jimmy & Nessie moved to Baltic St......
My Dad's brother Donald, known as Squire, and his wife Peggy McArthur continued to live there until 1970 

Families who lived there then.....80 Reid Street
                            Top Landing   Wright & McArthur
                         1st Landing    Gunn & Fyffe
                         Close              Symington & Moore

80 Reid Street


Extract from E-mail 3rd Nov 2002, Anne Calman (nee Merrilees), Oshawa, Canada. (51-60)
"Hi,......my granny [jessie moore] lived at 80 Reid St as far back as I can remember, I used to go to the barras on a Sunday with her to collect her ménage money, she was also a money lender on a Friday night there was always people at her door paying her, or if they didn't have the money to pay her they would give her blankets or something new that they had, oh the memories. All good ones too, my granny made the best soup" .............................
Anne, my Da remembers Jessie & Eddie, John & Bobby Moore and a young Jessie & May Moore. Oh and by the way he also says his Maw made the best soup in the close!
Extract from E-mail 4th Nov 2002, Anne Calman (nee Merrilees), Oshawa, Canada. (51-60)
"....another little story about my granny from 80 Reid St, she would never put her money in a bank she thought it was safer in the hoose, she would have it behind pictures and inside the clock on the mantel.  I remember one day I told her the clock had stopped, she jumped of her chair, I think she thought I was going to touch it, that was when I found out she kept her money inside it, she had a wardrobe in the bedroom that was full of stuff people had gave her instead of paying her the money they owed her, oh how I loved my wee granny.......
Extract from E-mail 7th Nov 2002, Anne Calman (nee Merrilees), Oshawa, Canada. (51-60)
".......boy those pics of Reid St brought a wee tear to my eye, it looked like nobody was living in my granny’s old hoose, there was no curtains up. 
There are 2 dogs buried in that front garden, [2 spaniels]......thanks for the pics...."
Extract from E-mail March 2003, Danny Curran, Glasgow 
"...hello Wull crackin website , just to let you know when the McArthur's  left 80 Reid St my mum moved into the house top flat right in 1970 . My name is Danny Curran , we stayed there for many a good year ,but have moved away now .  I remember the Moores and the Gunns . Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you   p.s not had computer long not very good at it

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